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20/05/2013 The European Parliament seat of Strasbourg: the reality of the environemental costs

Written by Jean-Baptiste Horhant on . Posted in Parlement


Press Release

The European Parliament seat of Strasbourg: the reality of the environmental costs

According to the last declaration on environment of the European Parliament, the “Déclaration environnementale du Parlement européen“, the CO2 emissions attributed to the seat in Strasbourg decreased from 4199 to 3250 tons between 2010 and 2011. 

Therefore a 22,3% reduction can be attributed to the Strasbourg seat alone, which stands in comparison to the total reduction of 4,3% of CO2 emissions for the whole European Parliament (including Strasbourg, Brussels and Luxembourg).

Hence, like the AEJE already indicated in their report “Le siège dans tous ses Etats” presented to the European Parliament on the 14th of February 2012, Strasbourg is the most efficient among the three working places of the European Parliament. Strasbourg, the environmental capital of Europe, an example to follow!

Once again, the European Parliament disclaims, itself, the figures that are deliberately falsified and published by the opponents of Strasbourg. These frequently invoke CO2 emissions up to 19000 tons for the seat in Strasbourg.

The AEJE team