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                                                      PRESS RELEASE
                                       Will the sky fall on the Meps’ heads ?

Just as the European Parliament has decided to reduce and merge the two sessions normally held in October at its Strasbourg Seat, the Brussels Chamber has been partially closed for an indefinite period "after the discovery of cracks in three of the wooden beams carrying the roof of the plenary chamber", according to a statement by the General Secretary of the European Parliament, Klaus Welle.

This incident comes on the top of many security problems in Brussels, for example, general power failures and dysfunctional fire safety systems which were revealed during the course of a fire drill.
The European Association of Young Entrepreneurs (1) calls on the European Parliament:

-  to restore the usual two Strasbourg plenary sessions in October 2012, as provided by the European treaties and in the initial agenda, as in previous years,
-  and decide to transfer to Strasbourg, for the duration of the repair work, the meetings which it will not be able to hold in Brussels, in particular the mini-plenary sessions.

(1) author of "Le siège dans tous ses Etats" report, published in February, 2012

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