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AFP : a report supports maintaining the EP in Strasbourg

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prior to a European Parliament in Strasbourg. AFP / GERARD Circles

The price of Strasbourg chair of a European Parliament as well as full sessions which have been hold 4 days a month can be estimated during 51.5 million euros a year, according to a inform by a European Association of Young Entrepreneurs ( ECLA).

Yet members’ anti-Strasbourg “, which continually direct a repatriation of sessions in Brussels, argued a year ago price 169 to 203 million euros, an guess of competent ” truncated, estimate or archaic “ by ECLA.

The disproportion in in between a dual estimates can be explained by a actuality which “anti-Strasbourg”, led by UK Liberal MEP Edward McMillan-Scott has available responsibility should be incurred any way even if a sessions were hold in Brussels, pronounced a principal drafter of a inform as well as boss of a ECLA, Pierre Loeb.


monthly CO footprint of ride is additionally 4.5 times reduction than a assertions of a pro-Brussels, pronounced a report, which again refers to total supposing by a Parliament Secretariat. The report, which does not equivocate a disastrous aspects of a site Strasbourg, recommends softened ride links together with his or her hosting capabilities.

The French Minister for European Affairs, Jean Leonetti, Tuesday welcomed a publication. “If you go a small further, a single competence ask: because a European Parliament would it not usually in Strasbourg? would equivocate shuttles in in between Brussels as well as Strasbourg.” “Strasbourg does not have to swallow ones pride for being a legislative collateral of Europe” , has beaten a Conservative MP Frank Engel Luxembourg.

European Parliament’s central chair is Strasbourg, where a full sessions have been held, though in Brussels is which many of a work at a back of a scenes as well as in committee.