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the EAYE challenges MEPs anti-Strasbourg lobbying

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The European Association for Young Entrepreneurs challenges MEPs anti- Strasbourg lobbying

Open letter to Members of the European Parliament

The European Association for Young Entrepreneurs is addressing an open letter,

to all Members of the European Parliament, to call for an open, objective and controversial debate on the issue of Strasbourg, as the seat of the European Parliament, provided for by the EU treaties.

The Vote on March 9th 2011, motivated by the report by MEP McMillan-Scott (“A Tale of Two Cities”), de facto aims to eliminate a plenary session in 2012/13 inStrasbourg. Both, the report and the vote, have their origin in an active and determined Lobby, which under the cover of an institutional issue, is motivated by a strong opposition to European Integration. Among Member-States this is only supported by the government of theUnited Kingdom.

The question of the seat of the European Parliament inStrasbourg, though relevant and legitimate, should not be taken hostage and used as an excuse, by supporters of a broader debate on the institutional future of the European Union. The EU has spent the last decade in such a debate, which, with the adoption of the Treaty of Lisbon in 2009, is now complete.

For an objective, controversial and open Debate


The report of Mr McMillan-Scott reveals itself, as a biased approach in bad faith. In view of the different arguments, we call for guidelines for an objective and controversial debate, while also taking into account the following items:

- The political cost resulting of the consequences of a renewed institutional debate; the negative image in public opinion resulting out of the long process of a treaty change would need the unanimous vote of all 27 Member-States.

- The financial Cost induced by a possible consolidation of all Parliaments’ services on a single site of any kind

- The strengths of the status quo, including; the symbolism ofStrasbourgand in addition safeguarding the independence of prerogatives of the European Parliament in regards toBrussels.

- The Perception in European public opinion as the capital of European democracy (defined by the Seat of the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights)

- Improvements which could be made to the infrastructure of logistical infrastructure

- The principle of diversity, including geographically, central to the European idea

The European Association for Young Entrepreneurs will, based on the results of this debate, publish a report, outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the current situation, as well as opportunities for development and their specific implications.



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