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The seat of the EP is not in Brussels, so what?

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The recurring debate about the seat of the European Parliament made once again the headlines when MEPs voted to ask for the right to decide where they should meet and have their seat, favouring the idea of a single seat in particular in order to save money. Which are the arguments of the different parties? 

The state of States approach

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What is the state of the Union?

 Is it a state? Is it a Federation? Is the EU a clear definable political entity?

The answer to these questions has to be a clear no. In this respect, the Association AEJE wishes to add to the discussion an incentive to the ongoing thinking process towards the EU and its future. What is clear for everyone to see is that it cannot and should not become a nation-state in the classical sense,

Europa 451 : Choque de trenes entre Estrasburgo y Bruselas para quedarse con el Parlamento Europeo

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DEBATE I Un grupo de jóvenes emprendedores europeos ha recuperado la defensa de Estrasburgo como sede de las sesiones plenarias del Europarlamento. Desde 2006, avanza el frente de quienes desean reunir todas las actividades de la Eurocámara en Bruselas. La sede de Estrasburgo cuesta 10 céntimos al año a cada europeo.

AFP : a report supports maintaining the EP in Strasbourg

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prior to a European Parliament in Strasbourg. AFP / GERARD Circles

The price of Strasbourg chair of a European Parliament as well as full sessions which have been hold 4 days a month can be estimated during 51.5 million euros a year, according to a inform by a European Association of Young Entrepreneurs ( ECLA).